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Typically LAN proxy server is shared server connection between members on the LAN and internet. Proxy Server is responsible for storing information, whenever members that access the internet, all the information that the user downloads from the internet are stored in the proxy server, while the other members to access to the internet you will be provided information from the proxy server without having to download from the internet anymore. The information will be downloaded from the internet if that information is not stored in the proxy server or outdated information already. When we access the internet via a proxy server, the page will record the IP of the server and not the IP of the computer recognized it, taking advantage of such characteristics, although we do not use our LAN, but connected to the internet via proxy server to mask your real IP of our machines. When you visit certain pages through a proxy server, it means that we take a detour, not connected directly into the page, so in many cases when you use a proxy server that is not accessible I want to be on that page or to access, but very slowly. There are many free proxy server list, the first time you have to spend the time to experiment and see which server the user quick access. When you have found yourself the following proxy server when the server's IP to keep your account for only tens of seconds!


On the internet there are many Proxy Server, Proxy server not only filtering infomations. It also provides for the safety of its customers, Proxy Firewall effectively prevent the intrusion of hackers on the client machine. Proxy server like a bodyguard out of trouble on the Internet. A proxy server is usually located inside the firewall, between the web browser and real servers. There are mission keep internet requirements of clients so these infomations do not communicate directly to the internet. Some firms and companies use proxy for: Help multiple computers access the Internet through a computer with access to certain accounts, this machine is called Proxy server. Only this Proxy need a modem and internet access account. Another client machines want to access internet via a LAN connection only needs to connect to this server.


When using Proxy Server, our IP is hidden then it is considered to be anonymous, that is Anonymous. However there are many different levels of anonymity depends on the Proxy should support divided into:

TRANSPARENT PROXIES (Level 3) - also know as intercepting proxy, inline proxy, or forced proxy. IP is not hidden. The lowest level. Often applied beyond Firewall.

ANONYMOUS PROXIES (Level 2) - IP is hidden completely.

ELITE PROXIES (Level 1) - also known as high-anonymity proxies , hides real IP and Proxy Server that using.

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